As you know, the municipal general election on November 19, 2011 is closing in and it's time for me to also close this blog site, given that I am not running again in North Saanich. I have already sent a farewell message to the community via the District Newsletter, which should be available to households shortly. But for my faithful blog readers and visitors, I wanted to post something here.

Thank you for your support during the past 6 years and to those of you who have followed this blog for the past 4 years. It has been a privilege to serve North Saanich as a Councilor and a wonderful opportunity for me to stay connected with you and the community through this website.

North Saanich is a uniquely beautiful place, one that will always have special meaning for me and my family. Please continue to protect it because, as a North Saanich resident once said to me years ago, "North Saanich is always just one election away from disaster."

I wish you and yours all the very best for the future and thank you again for your support and encouragement.