Be Prepared Now More Than Ever!

I encourage you to learn more about what you can do to prepare at home for an emergency. Our Fire Chief Gary Wilton is part of a regional emergency planning process and his office can provide more details about just what you can do in the event of a similar disaster. One of the most important items is to pack an emergency kit (I have used a large tupperware container) and keep it where you will be able to access it quickly. The kit can contain such items as:

canned and dried food
prescription medications if applicable
food and supplies for infants and children if applicable
food and supplies for pets, if applicable
extra clothing and shoes, including coats/jackets
wind up radio and flashlight
blankets/sleeping bags
crowbar (for removing debris)
first aid kit

There are other items too that can be life-saving during a natural disaster and you can decide on what other special items should be included in your kit. Check the kit every few months to ensure that water and food items remain current.

I encourage you to also have a plan for loved ones if they do not live with you at home. How will you contact one another, where will you gather and what will you need for a few days if services and communications are otherwise severed? Local, regional and provincial governments have emergency planning in place and North Saanich is part of that network. I encourage you to learn more by contacting the District at 250-656-0781.