I spent an hour and a half yesterday with two spokespersons, one of whom is North Saanich resident Donna Robinson. She and her colleagues are advocating against BC Hydro's new Smart Meters. They will be making a presentation to our August 22 Council meeting and I urge you to attend to hear them.

They raise a variety of issues of which we should be aware about the installation and use of these meters and, more importantly, about the lack of public input and debate on the merits of this BC Hydro initiative and the meters' potential for invasion of privacy. I have to admit that before my meeting with them, I did not know a lot about these meters, other than I understand that they are purported by Hydro to be, among other things, a cost-savings to the Corporation and to streamline power consumption and billing processes. But are they a cost savings for customers?

The Tyee online newspaper is also carrying a story on the skinny behind Smart Meters which is informative but also controversial. I urge you to visit their website for another take on this issue (you will find their website on the right hand side of this blog).

As you may know, pursuant to provisions of the Community Charter, local governments are responsible for safeguarding community health. Mrs. Robinson and her colleagues are presenting to all municipal governments in the CRD, urging that they send letters to the Province requesting a moratorium on installation until more is known about Smart Meters and their impacts on human health and privacy.