Mayor Alice Finall finalized in December, 2010 Council Liaison positions for this new year 2011. These appointments are reviewed by the Mayor at the end of every calendar year. Sometimes, changes are made after consultation with Council members, however, the Mayor has full discretion to make appointments with a view to balance the needs of the municipality, our CRD partners and stakeholders and, finally, individual Council members.

New this Council term has been the request for Council Liaisons to make regular reports to Council about each of the Commissions/Committees they serve. Such reporting, instituted by Mayor Finall at the beginning of the term, provides greater accountability, improves communication and provides important information to North Saanich residents and taxpayers.

My 2011 appointments are as follows:

  • Mayor's Alternate Director on the CRD Board
  • North Saanich Appointee - Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA)
  • Mayor's Alternate to the Peninsula Recreation Commission
  • Alternate First Nations Liaison
  • Liaison to the Peninsula Agricultural Commission (PAC)
  • Liaison to the Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission (RHTF)
  • Liaison to North Saanich's Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC)
  • Liaison to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)
  • Liaison to the North Saanich Heritage Advisory Commission
I look forward, on behalf of North Saanich, to continue working with local volunteers and regional colleagues involved in each of these groups. This work helps to broaden our knowledge and perspective about the significance of North Saanich's participation and place in local and regional issues and initiatives. If you have any questions about any of these responsibilities or bodies, please feel free to contact me.