Happiness and Well-Being Survey Released

Greater Victoria Happiness and Well-Being Survey Released

Implemented by a partnership of eight organizations in Greater Victoria such as the United Way, the University of Victoria, City of Victoria, Community Council, CRD and VIHA, among others, the Greater Victoria Well-being Survey report on health was released this month. Some of the elements measured include:
• environmental vitality
• governance quality
• social and community vitality
• time balance
• cultural vitality
• physical and mental health

The survey was mailed in November 2008 to a random sample of Capital Region residents and 2,400 responses were returned by January 2009. Highlights of the results include the following data:
• income level is the most important aspect of health but goes beyond just the "rich" vs. "poor" comparison
• health and well-being are strongly connected (known as 'satisfaction with life')
• beyond income level, social support, family and friends and community involvement/participation in cultural, educational and recreational events were also significant factors to a sense of well-being

In my view, these results, while not necessarily surprising, do confirm for all of us that income levels and socialization seem to be important contributors to one's self assessment of his/her quality of life. For a more complete summary of the report, please visit the website of the Victoria Foundation at http://www.victoriafoundation.bc.ca