North Saanich Residents’ Association Has Strong Turn-out To Its Annual General Meeting

Once again, I attended the North Saanich Residents' Association (NSRA) annual general meeting held this week. Despite sharing the evening with the NHL play-offs and Vancouver Canucks, there was a strong turn-out to the meeting; one of the largest I've seen in the past few years. Mayor Alice Finall was the keynote speaker and North Saanich Fire Chief Gary Wilton made presentations on outdoor burning and emergency services in the District.

Mayor Finall gave a comprehensive summary of activities, events and priorities since her inauguration in early December 2008 and it seemed that the audience was favourably impressed. As you know, the NSRA produces the Heronwatch, a newsletter mailed to every household about two or three times a year. The Association also hosts an All Candidates' Meeting during every municipal election that always packs in the public in big numbers. The Association is also a good source of information and political comment, so good in fact that their membership has increased to approximately 200 households this year. Their Board of Directors remains the same, with Geoff Orr as President. I am a former Board Director and I can tell you that if you want to know and understand more about community issues here in North Saanich and on the Peninsula, then I recommend joining the NSRA. For more information about them, please contact Dee Bailin at 250-656-4747.